MiddleChild and I toured two community colleges last week, she with some trepidation about the whole college concept, me with the eagerness of a mutton-headed labrador retriever (I would LOVE to go to college again).  But, this was for her, not me.  Edmonds Community College actually has dorms, a rarity in the community college world.  The tour guide showed us her own dorm room, which was more like an apartment--full kitchen, sitting room, 2 bathrooms, 4 single bedrooms.  One of her roommates had pranked her by covering her walls with different colored post-it notes, all perfectly aligned in rows and columns.  How fun; I want to be pranked!  Having left the dorm, walking along, I discovered a post-it clinging to my sleeve---I told her I had absconded with some of her wallpaper and presented it to her with a flourish.  We all had a laugh, something MiddleChild needs frequently, and who doesn't?  I hope she liked the school, I sure did.

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