The Future is Unwieldy!

Rick Mercer did a 'mercial on the new Apple iSlab.  "Because why use your fingertip when you can use your whole hand!  Fits neatly under a queen size bed."  He's so adorable. 

waaahhh interruption: last Jay Leno Show on right now.....

Ok it is now the next day and I never finished this post!  I got up early and went all the way to Seattle for an MRI of my knee, all the way back home, did some online banking, made three phone calls totalling 1/2 hour dealing with an incorrect bill and boy am I a bore!  This sounds like a tweet for heaven's sake!  Make me shut up! 

OK wait, I can't shut up, I thought of one more thing: blast...... it evaporated..........

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  1. I'm commenting on my own post! Tonight we had a call from K.'s agent and she got a callback on the movie she auditioned for! So I have to change my whole Olympics volunteer schedule to drive her down to Eugene on Sunday, then drive allllllll the way up to Whistler. And tomorrow evening we all go downtown for a fashion show in which K. is modeling! Jeepers! After dinner tonight we opened the mail and K. got her report card---all As and Bs! This is all jumbled up with my bro-in-law's chemo--he had his first on Monday and really suffered. He had one today and it went better. He has another tomorrow. Each time, he has to be driven all the way from Moundsview to Mayo. I am in a tizzy here, wanting to be there to help. Tonight I also received the first of two items I bought off eBay- a vintage pyrex baking dish, solid pink on the outside, which coordinates with the pyrex bowls I bought at an antique shop. M. immediately baked a cake in it.