Spend, deeply.........

From a sales clerk ringing up a shopper's big, impulsive purchase at a jewelry shop: "I say money is like breathing! You can't keep inhaling forever, sometimes you have to exhale!"
This conversation I enjoyed very much...overhearing it. The two were having a ball cooing over the things this woman had picked out. Later on the sales clerk said that whenever she was in dire straits financially, she would give a little money to charity. And always always after that she would come into some money somehow; her financial situation would ease.
I keep saying to myself that the next time I go through a drive-thru I am going to pay for the order from the car behind me as well, because I read the Rant/Rave column in the Seattle Times, where there have been several raves about being on the receiving end of that gesture. But so far I have forgotten to do it every time, until after I drive away. I shall try to be more orderly and sytematic with my random act of kindness--maybe a post-it on my car window or car window button....

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